Crawford Ancestors in Cooper County and Pettis County, Missouri

Last updated June 18, 2004.

This web page has information pertaining to the family of John Edward Crawford, who moved to Missouri from Cumberland Co, Ky. in 1827. He died in 1891, leaving his wife Sarilda Jane (Donnohue) Crawford, and several children. Rather than being a history of the Crawford Family in Missouri, this document contains some of the raw data that we have accumulated.

Cooper County:

US Census - 1830 to 1880
Crawford Land - land patents, deeds, maps, and photos
Cemeteries - Reid, Mt. Hermon, Concord, and Bunceton Masonic
Genealogy site

Pettis County:

US Census 1840 - 1880
Crawford Land - includes land patents, deeds, maps, and photos
Cemeteries - Bethlehem Baptist, Bourn, Crown Hill, and New Bethel
1864 Will of Hetty Thomas. (copied from
Civil War letters written by Col. John D. Crawford.
Indexes of Deed Books, Marraige Licenses, & Powers of Attorney
Genealogy site

Letters contained in a packet sent from Grant Crawford to Lulie Crawford. These letters were originally in John D. Crawford Sr's possession..

Letters about Donnohue Relatives.

Sarilda Jane Crawford's Diary 1892-4.

Crawford/Elgin relationship to Pocahontas.

Text of Letter April 10, 1864 from James H. Crawford to Margaret Emerine Bourn.
Image of front side of Letter.
Image of back side of Letter.