Books on the Crawford Ancestors in Missouri

Last updated June 6, 2004.

I have four history books that contain references to the Crawfords in Pettis Co, Missouri. Click on the links below to see extracts from the books:

--"Sedalia, Missouri - 100 Years in Pictures" by the Sedalia Chamber of Commerce, 1960
--"Pettis County Missouri - A Pictorial History" by William B. Claycomb, 1998
--"The First One Hundred Years; a History of the City of Sedalia, Missouri 1860-1960" by the Centennial History Committee, 1960
--"History of Pettis County, Missouri, Including an Authentic History of Sedalia, Other Towns and Townships" by Special Historians, 1882. This book is excellent and contains the most information.

I also have three other Missouri books:

--"Life of George R. Smith - Founder of Sedalia, Mo" by Samuel Bannister Harding, 1904
--"When and Where We Met Each Other - Battles, Actions, and Skirmishes - 1861-1866" by Theodore D. Strickler, 1899.
--"Life & Times Along Muddy - A Scrapbook History of Early Pettis County and Sedalia, Mo." by Becky Carr Imhauser and Betty Wasson Singer, 2003. This book contains 2 references to John D. Crawford: one a foreclosure auction notice signed by him as Clerk; the other indicating he was the Agent for the sale of some property.

I have also seen references to the following books that might contain info on relatives:

--"Sedalia Directory for 1873 and 1874" by C. Henry Devoe, 1874.
--"History of Pettis County, Missouri" by Mark A. McGruder, 1919 [Sharon says James Crawford only mentioned once, p738, but this may not be a relative]
--"Yester Years: A Study of Missouri's First Roads and Transportation Systems in Central Missouri" by W. A. McVey, 1973.
--"Plat Book of Pettis County, Missouri", Philadelphia: North West Publishing Company, 1896
--"Plat Book of Pettis County, Missouri", Philadelphia: A. R. Stinson, 1916
--"Cemetery Records of Pettis County, Missouri, Vol I" by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, about 1963 (includes Bourn Cemetery, Flat Creek Cemetery, and New Bethel Cemetery)
--"Tombstone Inscriptions of Pettis County, Missouri" in three volumes by Mrs. J. R. Carter (reprinted in 1997 by the West Central Missouri Genealogical Society at Warrensburg, Mo, see www:// (Bourn Cemetery in Vol 2, Bethlehem Cemetery in Vol 3)
--"An Illustrated History of Sedalia and Pettis County" by The Sedalia Democrat:
--"Life in Pettis County 1815-1973" by Hazel N. Lang, 1975

Publications from The West Central Missouri Genealogical Society and Library, Inc.
Flat Creek Township by Mark McCruder This includes text that was probably taken from the History of Pettis County book below. Many of the sentences are word-for-word identical to parts of pages 1080-1084.

Home of John D. Crawford on W. 16th Ave in Sedalia, taken from the "History of Pettis County, etc." book. Letters from John D. Crawford were sent in printed envelopes with a return address of 1523 Kentucky St for his home and 410 Ohio St. for his business (Crawford Loan & Abstract).
Grant Crawford's house was 1616 South Kentucky Street. This is where Sarilda Jane Donnohue was living when she died