Crawford Home in Poston, Arizona 1942 - 1944

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In 1945 Alexander H. Leighton authored a book about Poston titled “The Governing of Men”. Leighton was a sociologist and psychiatrist who became professor at Cornell U. after the War. He spent 1942-43 researching the life and policies at Poston, and interviewed Dad three times.
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We have very few photographs of the Poston home (official policy, at least at the beginning, was that cameras were not allowed in the camp). For the first several months, the family lived in 2 rooms of an administration building (probably in block 218 - see the map below), and then moved to a small house that was 20' x 28', about 1/4 the size of a barracks, which were 20' x 100'. This house was building #28 in the Personnel Housing Area to the east of the main highway (see the map).

Map of Poston Unit II with legend.

Poston Unit II looking southeast. The Personnel Housing Area are the white buildings at the upper left. The Crawford home is the 3rd white building from the left.

East end of home, with shop to the north; inside the home.

Three views of west end of home; a barrack building is seen to the south.