Crawford Ancestors in Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania

Last updated November 24, 2003

This web page has information pertaining to the family of James Crawford, who moved to Cumberland Co, Pa. around 1738. He died in 1775, leaving four sons, including John Crawford, born around 1759, who later married Martha Robinson and moved to Cumberland County, Kentucky around 1790.

Click on the map to enlarge it to 1684 X 1502 (make sure your browser displays the image at full scale; by default, mine scales it down to the size of the window). The small squares on the full scale map are roughly one kilometer on a side, which is about 246 acres.

Note that the Frank Crawford letters mention the Crawfords owning land just north of Yellow Breeches Creek in Allen Township, and just south of the Creek in Monaghan Township. The letters also mention a road crossing the Creek at Lisburn. Anybody have any guesses as to where the 157 acre Crawford land is on the map?

Click here for 6 letters written by Frank Crawford to John D. Crawford, Sedalia, in 1907-08.