Welch Ancestors of Minnie May (Welch) Crawford

Last updated April 11, 2005.

This web page has information pertaining to the family of Minnie May (Welch) Crawford: her father Charles F. Welch, mother Dorothy Crowthers, and sister Grace Pagett

Central House, Stoddard, N.H.
Note the date of 1861, and that Charles W. Welch was the Proprietor. A web search found the following tidbit:

The Loomis Hadley house was built around 1834 by Capt. Jonathan F. Sanderson who built a tavern and hotel next door on the west side, later known as Central House, until it was razed in 1942. Its tavern bar ended up in the Spouter Tavern at Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT.

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1892 Denver Directory
Note Charles F. Welch